The First Lady of
Rhythm, Beauty and Laughter...

Helena Handbasket
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welcome to glam party, inc.

Welcome to the wyld and wacky world
of the weird and wonderful.

So glad you stopped by to say hello.  Please don't forget to take a moment to check out the online calendar to see what exciting events are scheduled, enjoy the gallery of photos or contact Helena by email to share the love and/or discuss having her help make your event the 'talk of the town'.

If you pay close attention to Helena Handbasket, you will realize that there is clearly something very different about this performer.  With each joke, story or song, “she” shares her wit, wisdom, and outlook on the world – and often those are as strong as her love of Vodka and Chocolate.  When Helena shares her favorite stories about her life –  they are both real and imagined … you decide which is which – sometimes the line is fuzzy.  

Remember, life is like sex... if it doesn't feel good, you aren't doing it right.

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